The Impact

YouthMediaCreatives purpose is to provide young people with the opportunity of real work with the aim of developing their skills from this experience. The impact of this is that young people gain confidence in their abilities and learn how to harness them as well as learning completely new ones from scratch.

The project is run and funded by Individio, a non – profit organisation. Because of this, all money either gets distributed throughout the team, which they can use to support themselves, or to hire experts and professionals to host lessons in using specialist programs or equipment to broaden our skills for future projects.

This project also has a profound effect on the members of our team. It gives us a unique responsibility and opportunity that doesn’t exist anywhere else. It teaches us the merits of hard work and team work, and being run by young people and supported by expert?s gives us complete freedom in the direction we take ourselves. Being young it gives us the amazing opportunity to build a completely unique portfolio that will stand out from other applicants our age when applying for collages and jobs, and is simply an amazing experience in itself to grow from and use as work experience. We all have an interest in perusing creative pathways in media and this is a brilliant stepping stone for us all to expose us to the reality of what we could be doing as a career.