Our Work

Previously, we have worked independently on a number of different projects to produce work that has been highly praised and acclaimed.

Barclays Life Skills

In this project, the team had four days to create an advert promoting Barclays life skills that was then presented in front of an ad agency. As you can see in the video, their work was praised for its delivery, quality as well as their team work for being able to produce such a professional outcome in such a short amount of time, each member playing to their strengths. The video showcased everyone’s skills from music, writing, acting and producing all at level far above what was expected at their age.

Talk Talk

For this brief, the team had to design and rebrand Talk Talk Home Broadband and create an advert to accompany their idea. The final result of four days of hard work was “Tell us how you Talk Talk”, an interactive idea designed to appeal to young people, getting them to investigate their family life and then produce their own videos to be distributed across the web. The idea was then pitched on the 5th day to members of leading AD agencies and Talk Talk executives where it was praised for its completion and quality having incorporated music, drawing, animation and demonstrating the skills of our team.