Meet the Team

Presently, these are the people who make up the YouthMediaCreatives team.

Hi I’m Sarah, currently I’m 15 years old and YMC is the best thing that?s happened to me. I’ve learned so much in the short time I’ve been here, using my passion in writing and drawing to contribute to scripts and story boards, but also going from having no experience with filming to being confidant behind the lens. This project is of immeasurable value, and any contribution to keep it afloat is a brilliant investment in the future of creative media. I hope that this project runs and grows from my involvement in it, giving other people like me an opportunity like have now.

My name is Tian and being part of the Youth Media Creatives team has given me the opportunity to interact with the world of media. YMC gave me the chance to contribute my own ideas and designs to complete briefs on a professional level, allowing us to use our strengths and work as a team to create the best possible outcome.

My name is Mark, I’m sixteen years old. I really enjoy working on motion pictures, such as music videos, short films and documentaries. Alongside this I enjoy training in Parkour. I’m deeply interested into the film industry and I believe that YMC is a channel through which I can gain the necessary skills and attitude to be able to peruse a career in that industry. I’m currently studying my first year of A levels, and feel that the opportunity of working with YMC has and will continue to support me through my life journey.

Hi my names Amid, I’m 16 and ways ready to work! My interests include parkour, filming And animating! I work along side mark in the film making and editing part in the group! If you need a video or video edit we are the people for you! I believe YMC give us chance as young people to create something that people we actually value and enjoy!

Join Us

If you like what we do then don?t be afraid to ask to join in, we?ll always need a few more hands and this project wants people like you!
This project is open to anyone aged 14-18 with the potential for you to stay on as a mentor and facilitator.

Distance isn?t an issue so long as you?re able to send your work by email (or any other way quickly over the internet) and it would be beneficial if for major meetings you could travel to our headquarters in London.

So if you have an interest to work and learn with you then please contact us using our contact details on the main website, thank you!