When Grime Went Gay

‘When Grime Went Gay’ is a documentary created by Individio with director Basi Akpabio. The film follows the story of young fathers from the DNA Mix project teaching a small group from the London Gay Men’s Chorus how to rap. Two very different worlds collide as they attempt to collaborate on a track for the LGMC’s biggest show to date ‘7 Deadly Sins’. The film will be released soon and we are currently working towards turning it into an anti-homophobia teaching resource.

New Groove Formation Music Video

New Groove Formation are a band that we worked with extensively through SoundAdviceUK. They used Individio Creatives (link) to make a video for their track ‘Livin’ In A Bubble’. The characters were filmed in front of a green screen, the background were hand drawn and then this was all given to an animator who brought it all to life.


Breakdown’ was made as part of the Offside Creatives project by young people in a Pupil Referal Unit. We worked with 10 young people for 10 days to help them produce a piece of film. They had complete creative control and Breakdown is the result.

‘Breakdown’ shows how your actions and choices can affect your family, friends, strangers and yourself. it’s a story of confrontation and bullying, never having enough and always wanting more.

Two young friends are thrown out of their homes. Looking for acceptance they put themselves at risk while those around them feel the varying consequences.

It is performed, written and filmed by those who live this life and know it.

Small Festival Documentary

At Individio and SoundAdviceUK we have a fair number of keen festival goers and a few years ago we were invited by a band to film at a lovely small festival in Kent. We ended up not only filming the bands but also interviewing the organisers. From this grew the idea of ‘The Secret World of Small Festivals’. There are many exciting aspects to this slightly hidden sub culture, from it’s ability to inspire positive change to what it means for the future of Britains festival scene. After filming a taster last year we are currently looking for support and funding to make the full documentary.


DNA Mix is a project for young fathers who need somewhere to go to talk about their experiences, get advice and help from their peers and also to express themselves creatively. We worked with some of the young fathers to make a video about their experiences and also to let other people know about the project. They worked with ourselves and other industry professionals (Basi Akpabio) on coming up with the concept, content and structure of the program.

London Gay Men’s Chorus Shows

We have filmed the last four London Gay Men’s Chorus shows. These are documentations of the shows for the members of the chorus. We use three cameras and cut together the whole thing, with titles, credits etc as well as co-ordinate all aspects of the dvd creation.

Talk About…

Talk About” is a cross-generational media project that uses Oral History to connect young and old people in the community and help young people develop their confidence and skills. After listening to two elders from their community, Yvonne and Les Dennis, tell stories about their past, young people from Haringey Tuition Service wrote stories about the present day that mirrored them. They then role-played these in front of a green screen and made drawings and collages to create backgrounds for the stories. The young people took control of all aspects of the project: interviewing, filming, acting, directing, design, music and some of the editing and produced an impressive programme that achieves all of the project aims.