Youth on Youth
These projects cost no more, usually less, then the commercial alternative. All we need is a budget and a brief to create high quality programmes that meet your needs. From video research and public consultation, to promotional, educational, or social value media, young people are an effective way to attract attention and support from the local community, schools, council and press.

Sound Advice
Sound Advice will receive the majority of its funding from venues, however we welcome contributions for specific or non-specific aspects of the project.


Youth on Youth
All Youth on Youth projects are designed to give young people opportunities to develop their technical and personal skills; such as the ability to work in a team, self-confidence, leadership and more.

Sound Advice
Sound Advice gives opportunities to people of all ages to develop media and jounralism skills, and to produce work for showreels and personal promotion.
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Gordon McEwan – Headteacher of Harringay Tuition Services:

Youth on Youth worked collaboratively with Haringey Tuition Service and various local stakeholders including Bruce Castle Museum, Haringey Adolescent Outreach and parents to produce a multi media oral history project that culminated in a pop showing of a DVD produced by the young people of the Tuition Service.

Youth on Youth provided technical expertise and guidance to a group of young people who, for a variety of reasons had fallen out of mainstream school. We were impressed and delighted by the flexibility, creativity and perseverance of the team that worked with us. Over a period of months they helped the students interview local residents and turn the accounts in to series of short film pieces. Most of the students had no previous experience of filming or acting and they all gained a great deal from the work and some amazed us by being able to direct others or act in front of cameras in ways that we could never have predicted. The whole process helped a group of vulnerable, isolated young people to come together with a common focus to produce something memorable.

We are looking forward to working together on further projects in the future.