About Individio Ltd.

Individio Ltd was formed in 1986 as a specialist, creative media consultancy and production company, bringing the standards and expectations of the business and commercial sector, to education, Youth and Social Issue production.

We have produced and distributed programmes on a wide range of educational and social subjects, but are also committed to the development of two cutting-edge and exciting youth participation concepts: Youth on Youth and Sound Advice.
We are passionate about our work and about high standards in management and production and create teams of known freelance experts to match the requirements of each project. This ensures that clients experience minimum waste and maximum efficency, coupled with a stable and proven management structure.

We have many years experience in education as well as commercial production, work with ease in both and are familiar with their individual needs and concerns. Discuss any idea that falls into these categories with us and you will find that we offer you common-sense, imagination, realism, and a sensible budget and as much support as it takes to create what you feel you need.